Evolv Health Review

Since the MLM Business opportunity industry is constantly evolving one needs to really keep up with the industry and all the changes going on with companies in order to find a good MLM company to work with.

Today I will be reviewing Evolv Health

Evolv Health Review

Evolv Archaea Active

and the latest information so that you can make an educated decision on whether this company is right for you. Many MLM companies come and go and in today’s market many MLM companies are also merging and joining forces. What one should always look for is does the company have a unique product which will be ordered each and every month and do they have the financial backing to withstand the ups and downs of the economy and the MLM industry. You must also take a deep look at their management team to see if they have the expertise to grow and maintain the company

Evolv Health The Company

Evolv Health was launched in the fall of 2009 and is based out of Based in Dallas, Texas. They have recently joined forces with another young MLM company call Xowii back in February of 2011. Both Evolv Health and Xowii feel that their products offer a great complementary product line to their distributor and their consumers. Combining both their lines of products and creating a new marketing campaign making their management team seem to be on top of the merge.

Evolv Health – Management Team

As started about Evolv Health was founded in the fall of 2009 by Trey White and along with Anne Bodak Smith who now serves as the CSO, Chief Science Officer of Evolv Health . They also have Brent Hick, the CEO and Justin White CIO. Since the meager with Xowii they have appointed Joshua Higginbotham as President of Evolv Health and also brought over from Xwoii’s James Christenson who has just announce on July 13 , 2011 that he will be joining the field to become a distributor and promote their New e84 Challenge. So as you can see a lot of changes going on at Evolv Health. Of course they have a very powerful young management team with many talented and experienced leaders.

Generate Evolv Heath Leads

Evolv Health Products

Elvolv healths original product was a  Neutraceutical beverage which uses a proprietary and patented process called Archaea Active. They have been developing this process for the past 15 years. Elvolv Health takes this colorless and odorless substance and combines it with natural spring water. The product is designed to provide good hydration, increase oxygen levels for increase stamina, energy and endurance. Since they merged with Xowii they have brought over all of Xowii nutritional products consisting of weight loss, nutritional supplements and Xowii’s healthy energy drinks with glucosamine to increase joint health and flexibility and resveratrol a heart health solution.

Since the merger they have introduced the e84 challenge which is a 84 Day program to educate and assist distributors and consumers how to use their products for weight loss and getting healthy again by increasing energy and overall health and wellness.

Evolv Merges With Woiii

e84 Challenge

They market the e84 products as 3 separate components

  • e84 Burn – A weight Loss Product – Whether it’s a few pounds or a hundred, the BURN84 Plan is designed to help you to shed pounds
  • e84 Fule – Their Energize Product for people who are somewhat active but want more energy
  • e 84 Edge – Their High energy Product for  extremely active, or simply dedicated to an aggressive fitness schedule that allows you to remain in perfect physical form
So can you make money with the New Evolv Health?

Evolv does offer a unique product in the Archaea Active formulated product and just like any other MLM business opportunity you can make money with Evolv Health although they strongly promote the traditional marketing method of getting everyone you know on the e84 Challenge as away of marketing their products and grow your MLM business.

Sure traditional MLM marketing can work but one major downfall that 97% of people who join MLM business opportunities are not effective marketing to their friends and families therefore many fail and quit Stop believing the old-school marketing lies!

STOP chase friends and family and stop wasting your time driving around to meetings. Click on the banner below and start your journey to a successful network marketing business.

Generate Evolv Heath Leads

I hope this information was helpful,  if you found it helpful please leave a comment and share it with others.

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