Napoleon Hill – Outwitting The Devil

I was so excited when I was informed of this new release from Napoleon Hill entitled “Outwitting The Devil”  The Secret To Freedom and Success.

Napoleon Hill - Outwitting The Devil

Finally  more that 70 years after the release of  Think and Grow Rich  and some 40 years after the death of Napoleon Hill the sequel , the real deal is now available.  Outwitting the Devil shows you how to actually implement what was shared in the Think and Grow Rich book. Written in 1938 the famous “Think and Grow Rich”  is probably one of the most read books on success.  Napoleon Hill was motivated to write this book so many years ago which is a conversation between an “earthlander” and “The Devil”.  Of course the title “Outwitting the Devil” is not religious book but more of  a metaphorical description of what goes on in the mind and how that keeps us from really obtaining what we set out to accomplish with our financial goals.

Outwitting The Devil expands on the principles of Think and Grow Rich.

It  discuss  the reasons why, even though we have the knowledge to obtaining success  we fail to execute.  Hill goes on in the book to describe a part of his life that has never been shared before.  A part of his life where he was in great fear for his life which lead him to  move across the country and hide for many months.  It wasn’t until he had reached a point where he was so tired of his predicament that he became determined to break through his mental blocks, which lead him to write this book Outwitting The Devil.

The original manuscript was never released due to the fact that his wife was extremely nervous about the repercussions of it’s release possibly because of the title and the subject matter of the book.  The controversy remained even 40 years after his death but his family decided that it was too important of a book not to be shared with the masses. The correlation to the time in which this book was originally written , the times of the Great Depression, and what we are seeing in the World Economies now run a very similar scenario.

In the book Outwitting The Devil,  Napoleon Hill covers the greatest obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals.

Obstacles like fear, anger, procrastination  and jealousy saying that these obstacle,. which exist in our minds, are a tool of the devil.  He also shows you how to Principles of Good  help you triumph to success. He goes further into such principles as:

  • Definition of Purpose – How to not lose focus and stay on course
  • Mastery of Self – Knowing what you want and going after it.
  • Learning from Adversity- Not allowing failure to define you but instead learn from adversity and keep moving forward
  • Controlling Your Environments- This would include all environments including your time and the people you associate with.
  • Creating Harmony – Creating the right habits in your life to create harmony and flow.
  • Execute With Caution – Not to be impulsive but to think through things before moving forward

So if you ever wondered why even after reading Think and Grow Rich  you still have not obtained the financial success you set out to achieve then this book

“Outwitting the Devil” may just be the answer to the many questions to actually led you to be triumphant in your financial future.

Let me know what you think

To Your Success in all You Do

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